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RBE No. 49/2019: TA/DA – Air Travel – Transaction of Business

No.F(E)I/2016/AL-28/25, dated 12.03.2019

Sub: Guidelines on TA/DA & Air Travel of Railway Officers appointed as Director/ Representative/ Nominee/ Special Invitee in connection with the transaction of business of the PSU/ Company/ Organization reg.

In recent times, it has been observed that the request for permission regarding air travel as well as the requests for relaxation to travel by Airlines other than Air India are being made by Railway Officers to attend AGM/ Meetings/ Seminar etc. of PSU as a nominee for special invitee in connection with the transaction of business of that PSU.
The matter has been examined in consultation with PSU Directorate and in light of the instructions issued by meeting of Finance vide their OM No.19045/I/E.IV/93, dated 12.02.1993 and it has been decided that with the approval of Bored (FC) that in case of Travel in connection with business transaction of any PSU/ Company/ Organization etc.:-
(i) The air ticket for officer going for affairs of the Company/ PSU should be bought by the company/ PSU as per the entitlement of Railway officer. There should be no need for vetting by Associate Finance of Ministry of Railways in such cases.
(ii) For domestic meetings/ AGM/ Seminars etc. of PSU, the TA/DA claim of the Railway officer concerned may continue be allocated to Ministry of Railways. However, the same will be settled and regulated at the rates and as per the guidelines containing in Board’s letter No.F(E)I/2017/AL-28/41, dated 24.08.2017 (RBE No. 103/2017) and F(E)I/2017/AL-28/40, 08.08.2017 (RBE No. 84/2017) on the subject as amended from time to time.
(iii) For foreign tours on behalf of Company/ PSU, all the expenses like TA/DA, air travel, etc. should be chargeable to Company/ PSU concerned.

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