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Railway Board Circulars 2019
RBE No & Year Date Letter No Description
01/2019 03/01/2019 E(NG)I/2018/PM/2/1 Clarification regarding seniority of Traffic Apprentices vis-a-vis Station Masters consequent to up-gradation of Post of Assistant Station Master Grade Pay 2800 and its merger with the post of Station Masters Grade Pay 4200 Recruited through RRB CEN 03/2015.
02/2019 03/01/2019 E(P&A)I-2012/SP-1/Gen-1 Implementation of recommendations of Sevent Central Pay Commission accepted by the Government - Qualification Pay renamed as Railway Accounts Examination Allowance.
03/2019 08/01/2019 E(NG)I/2015/PM I/20 Reduction in the residency period for promotion from Grade Pay Rs.1800 (Level-1) to Grade Pay Rs.1900 (Level-2). (ACS No.260 Para 189(ii) of IREM).
04/2019 09/01/2019 E(G) 2008 QR-1-9 Retention of Railway Quarters at the previous place of posting by Railway employees posted to Northeast Frontier Railway.
05/2019 09/01/2019 E(P&A)-2017/AL-2 Implementation of recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission accepted by the Government - Annual Allowance.
06/2019 10/01/2019 E(MPP)2017/3/29 Review and development of Training Modules/ Training period of merged cadres (after implementation 7th CPC) for Traffic (Transportation) Department.
07/2019 10/01/2019 E(NG)II/2001/RR-1/6 Educational qualification for recruitment to Group - C posts in S&T Department on the Railways.
08/2019 11/01/2019 E(NG)I-2018/TR/8 Comprehensive policy on Mutual Transfer of non-gazetted staff on the Zonal Railways.
09/2019 11/01/2019 E(NG)I-2013/CR/1 Introduction of Provisions for writing of APAR of Railway Employees Working in Grade Pay Rs.1800/ Level-I
10/2019 14/01/2019 E(G) 2009 QR-1-2 Extension of the period of retention of Railway Accommodation at the previous place of posting in favour or officers posted to East Central Railway.
11/2019 14/01/2019 PC-III/2000/GIS/2 Central Government Employees Group Instructions Scheme, 1980- Table of Benefits for the Savings Fund for the period from 01.10.2018 to 31.12.2018.
12/2019 16/01/2019 E(NG)I/2016/PM1/18 Aptitude Test in Departmental Selection.
13/2019 16/01/2019 E(NG)II/2018/RR-1/51 Minimum prescribed educational qualification for direct recruitment to the post of Technician Grade III in Level-2 of Pay Matrix of 7th CPC.
14/2019 01/02/2019 F(E)III/2003/PF1/1 State Railway Provident Fund - Rate of interest during the year 2018-19 (January, 2019-March, 2019).
15/2019 30/01/2019 E(NG)I-2019/TR/1 Exemption from the routine exercise of transfer/ rotational transfer.
16/2019 31/01/2019 E(W)2016/PS5-1/8 Revised travel entitlements on Duty Passes, Privilege Passes and Post Retirement Complementary Passes(PRCP).
17/2019 04/02/2019 F(E)III/2008/PN1/12 Revision of Pension w.e.f. 01.01.2006 of Pre-2006 pensioners who retired from the 5th CPC scale of Rs. 6500-10500 - regarding.
18/2019 05/02/2019 E(P&A)I-2008/CPC/LE-8 Amendment to the Indian Railway Establishment Code, Volume-I, 1985 Edition (Reprint Edition 2008) Chapter V - Child Care Leave (CCL)
19/2019 05/02/2019 E(NG)II/2019/Misc/2 Reservation for Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) in Civil Posts and Services in the Government of India.
20/2019 05/02/2019 E(NG)I/2015/PM1/20 Reduction in the residency period for promotion from Grade Pay Rs.1800 (Level-1) to Grade Pay Rs.1900 (Level-2)
21/2019 07/02/2019 2019-E(SCT) - I / 25/1 Reservation for Ecomincally Weaker Sections (EWSs) in Civil posts and services in the Government of India (Ministry of Railways) and new post based reservation roster for direct recruitment for Scheduled Casts. Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Economically Weaker Sections.
22/2019 08/02/2019 E(P&A)I-2016/RT-16 Facilities to be provided to IRMS doctors beyond 62 years of age.
23/2019 12/02/2019 PC-V/2016/MACPS/1 Fixation of pay of the employees who got promoted to the post of higher Pay Level after being granted the benefit of pay fixation on grant of financial upgradation under MACPS.
24/2019 15/02/2019 E(NG)II/2018/RR-1/31 Provisional discontinuation of direct recruitment to the post of Senior Section Engineers (SSEs).
25/2019 15/02/2019 E(MPP)2016/3/20 Development of Multi-disciplinary Zonal Training Centres (MDZTI)/ Multi-disciplinary Divisional Training Institutes (MDDTIs)
27/2019 19/02/2019 E(NG)I-2016/PM10/2 Promotion of X-Ray Attendant and other staff to the post of Radiographer (L-5) GP Rs.2800.
28/2019 19/02/2019 E(NG)I-2018/PM1/51 Filling up non-gazetted posts on Railways - Classification of posts as safety categories in Electrical Department.
29/2019 20/02/2019 E(P&A)II-2016/RS-40 Amendment to the Indian Railway Establishment Manual Volume-I Revised Edition 1989 Chapter 9, Running Allowance Rules.
30/2019 20/02/2019 E(P&A)I-2016/RT-16 Date of superannuation of doctors in case they opt to superannuate on attaining the age of 62 years.
31/2019 21/02/2019 F(E)III/2005/PN1/32 Clarificatory OM for payment of two family pensions on death attributable to Government service of a re-employed pensioner - reg.
32/2019 21/02/2019 2014/E(Sports)/4(2)/3/SCL) Sparing of talented players under Railway’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) Scheme.
33/2019 21/02/2019 D-43/12/2018-F(E)III Amendment in various provisions of National Pension System (NPS) - reg.
34/2019 22/02/2019 PC-V/2017/A/TA/1 Grant of Transport Allowance to Railway Employees availing concessional Season Ticket/Suburban Passes.
35/2019 26/02/2019 E(NG)II/2017/RR-1/12 Minimum educational qualification for recruitment from open market in Level-1.
36/2019 26/02/2019 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners - Stagnation increment - reg.
37/2019 06/03/2019 PC-VII/2016/I/7/2/1 Grant of Dearness Allowance to Railway employees - Revised Rates effective from 01.01.2019
38/2019 01/03/2019 E(NG)I/2016/PM 1/14 Eligibility criteria for appearing in selection to the post of OS, PB-II GP 4200, against 20% LDCE quota- PNM/ AIRF Item No.44/2016.
39/2019 05/03/2019 E(P&A)I-2015/RT-43 Termination of the LARSGESS Scheme in view of directions of Honble High Court of Punjab and Haryana and the orders of Honble Supreme Court of India in SLP(C) No.508/2018 dated 08.01.2018.
40/2019 06/03/2019 E(NG)II/2018/RR-1/31 Provisional discontinuation of Direct Recruitment to the posts of Senior Section Engineers (SSEs).
41/2019 06/03/2019 E(P&A)II/2018/RS/12 Reckoning of pay element for revision of pension of Pre-2016 retired Loco Inspectors.
42/2019 07/03/2019 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners by notional fixation of pay w.e.f. 01.01.2016-Bunching of stages in the revised pay structure-regarding.
43/2019 08/03/2019 E(W)2019/PS5-6/6 Enhancement of the number of Privilege Ticket Order (PTO) and extension of validity of Complimentary Admin Cheque Pass admissible to Sahayaks (Licensed Porters)
44/2019 08/03/2019 2015/CE-1/GNS/2 Revision of percentage distribution of posts of Track Maintainers.
45/2019 13/03/2019 PC-VII/2016/I/7/2/3 Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners/family pensioner-Revised rate effective from 01.01.2019
46/2019 11/03/2019 F(E)I/2017/AL-4/5 Grant of Special Compensatory Allowance subsumed under Tough Location Allowance - issue of corrigendum reg.
47/2019 11/03/2019 E(G)2007 RN2-5 Permission to retain Railway accommodation at the place of previous posting by Railway Officers/ Staff going on deputation to Joint Venture Companies (JVs).
48/2019 11/03/2019 E(NG)II/2008/RR-1/33 Direct recruitment from open market in Level-1 (7th CPC pay matrix)-procedure regarding
49/2019 12/03/2019 F(E)I/2016/AL-28/25 TA/DA & Air Travel of Railway Officers for business of the PSUs.
50/2019 13/03/2019 PC-VII/2016/RSRP/3 Bunching of stages of pay in the pre-7th CPC pay scales consequent upon fixation of pay in the revised pay scales based on 7th CPC - regarding.
51/2019 15/03/2019 2018/F(E)II/3(1)/1 Amendment in sub-rule (I) (a) (1) of 1313, (F.R. 22) of Chapter – 13 contained in Railway Fundamental – Rules – Pay and Increment, of Indian Railway Establishment Code, Vol. II.

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